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Branford needs you to get a flu shot now! 

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And the winner is…

Congratulations to Leandro Ramirez, age 13 for his winning entry into the Branford Youth Video contest. The contest was sponsored by Branford Community Television (BCTV) and the Keep Branford Healthy initiative and challenged teenagers to write, produce and post a PSA (Public Service Announcement) encouraging COVID vaccination.

The competition was open to all Branford residents aged 18-and-under and asked participants to produce a PSA that speaks to teenagers in their own words regarding the importance of getting vaccinated. The produced video then had to be posted on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube or other video sharing sites to be considered.

Congratulations to Leandro and all of the other participants for their excellent work.

Leandro Ramirez, age 13.
Winner of Branford Youth Video contest.

A group of leaders of Branford organizations and Yale University came together during the summer of 2020 to strategize ways to keep our Branford citizens as healthy as possible during the COVID pandemic.

Why I got vaccinated, and why you should too.

Left to right: Margot Hardenbergh, First Congregational Church of Branford; Peter Cimino, Executive Director, Branford Counseling & Community Services; Reverend Leroy O. Perry, Pastor, St. Stephens Church; Liza Janssen Petra, Executive Director, Branford Community Foundation; and Mary Fitz Perry, St. Stephens Church

Town Hall Videos  


COVID-19 vaccination urgency 

COVID-19 is killing millions of people, especially people of color. The good news is that we now have safe and effective vaccines. These vaccines teach your body to develop natural defenses to fight the virus. Getting more than 75% of our community vaccinated is our best chance of ending public health policies like distancing and masking. This will help stop spread of the virus. Get the vaccine to protect yourself, your family, and our community.


Building community awareness

The objective of this partnership is to build awareness regarding the importance of being vaccinated for COVID-19. This is especially important for vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and people of color, who have been disproportionately impacted. 

Our goals

Reduce barriers

Reduce barriers of access to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine 

Build trust between patients and providers

Keep our at-risk neighbors out of the hospital due to COVID-19

Where to get vaccinated

Now that multiple COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more broadly available, we encourage every Branford citizen to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Effective April 1st, all individuals 16 and older are eligible to schedule appointments for COVID vaccines. Appointments can be made by phone at the Vaccine Appointment Assist Line at (877) 918-2224 or through the following resources:

Appointments can also be made by phone at the Vaccine Appointment Assist Line at (877) 918-2224.

Task Force Members

Peter Cimino

Margot Hardenbergh

Tesheia Johnson

Executive Director, Branford Counseling & Community Services  

First Congregational Church of Branford

Director, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

Reverend Leroy O. Perry

Mary Fitz Perry

Liza Janssen Petra

Pastor, St. Stephens Church

St. Stephens Church

Executive Director, Branford Community Foundation 

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