A partnership with St. Stephens AME Zion Church, First Congregational Church of Branford, Branford Counseling & Community Services, Branford Community Foundation, and Yale Center For Clinical Investigation

A group of leaders of Branford organizations and Yale University came together during the summer of 2020 to strategize ways to keep our Branford citizens as healthy as possible during the COVID pandemic.

Left to right: Margot Hardenbergh, First Congregational Church of Branford; Peter Cimino, Executive Director, Branford Counseling & Community Services; Reverend Leroy O. Perry, Pastor, St. Stephens Church; Liza Janssen Petra, Executive Director, Branford Community Foundation; and Mary Fitz Perry, St. Stephens Church


Flu shot urgency

With a second surge of the COVID virus coinciding with the annual flu season, there is a far greater potential for overloading hospital systems across the country than ever before. Therefore, urging the greater population, especially those vulnerable, to get a flu shot has never been more important. 


Building community awareness

The objective of this partnership is to build awareness regarding the importance of being vaccinated for the seasonal flu virus due to the combined dangers presented by COVID and flu season. This is especially important for vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and people of color, who have been disproportionately impacted. 

Our goals

Reduce barriers

Reduce barriers of access to receiving a flu vaccine

Build trust between patients and providers

Keep our at-risk neighbors out of the hospital due to flu

Though we don’t have a vaccination yet for COVID, we do have effective vaccines for the flu—and it’s not too late to get one.

Where to get vaccinated

Looking forward, once a vaccine for COVID is available, we anticipate that the Branford Health Initiative’s efforts through the flu vaccination will have contributed to building trust and awareness among our Branford neighbors. It is our hope that this work will lead to more success with once a COVID vaccine is available.

Information and directions regarding how and where to obtain the flu vaccination in Branford:

Your Primary Care Physician - Visit your physician's website

Task Force Members

Peter Cimino

Margot Hardenbergh

Tesheia Johnson

Executive Director, Branford Counseling & Community Services  

First Congregational Church of Branford

Director, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

Reverend Leroy O. Perry

Mary Fitz Perry

Liza Janssen Petra

Pastor, St. Stephens Church

St. Stephens Church

Executive Director, Branford Community Foundation 

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